Factory Fence

Factory Fence

Author:HeBei Boyang hardware wire mesh products Co., Ltd. Production Capacity:12 kilometers/day
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Our company provides quality factory fences to warehouses, factories or offices. Factory fences are necessary to protect and secure valuable assets and to ensure the safety of the general public from vehicles and machinery. We provide heavy duty industrial and factory fencing to suit the requirements of any business.

Factory fence products by cold-drawing low-carbon steel wire is welded together, the surface can be hot-dip galvanizing processing, color options are green, white, gray, blue,etc.

Factory fence solutions require specialized heavy duty gates to suit the nature of the businesses. We offer heavy duty sliding gates, which do not require a track, making them ideal for the procession of heavy machinery and forklifts through the gates. Automatic gate openers are often utilized for added convenience and safety in industrial security fencing.

Material: cold-drawing low-carbon steel wire

Surface Treatment: hot-dip galvanizing

Color Options: green, white, gray, blue

1. High strength
2. Fine steel
3. Beautiful appearance
4. Wide view
5. Easy installation
6. Bright and comfortable feeling

1. Welded Wire Mesh Fence Series:

Double Edge Factory Fence

Double Edge Factory Fence BY-1

Y Shape Post Factory Fence

Y Shape Post Factory Fence BY-2

Round Post Half Y Fence

Round Post Half Y Fence BY-3

Peach Post Factory Fence

Peach Post Factory Fence BY-4

Factory Fence Application

Factory Fence Application BY-5

Factory Fence Fix

Factory Fence Fix BY-6

Factory Fence Connection

Factory Fence Connection BY-7

Factory fence common size:
1、diameter: 4.5mm--5mm
2、mesh opening: 50x50mm 50x100 60mm X 150mm
3、mesh size: 1.8m X 3m

2.Expanded Mesh Factory Fence:

Expanded Mesh Factory Fence

Expanded Mesh Factory Fence BY-8

Expanded Mesh Factory Fence

Expanded Mesh Factory Fence BY-9

3. Chain Link Factory Fence:

Chain Link Factory Fence

Chain Link Factory Fence BY-10

Chain Link Factory Fence

Chain Link Factory Fence BY-11

4. Wrought Iron Factory Fence:

Europe Factory Fence

Europe Factory Fence BY-12

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence BY-13

(1) Wire diameter: 5.0mm
(2) Hole: 50mmx150mm
(3) Specification: 2000mmx3000mm
(4) Post: 50x50 square tube
(5) Connector: split

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