Fence Gate

Fence Gate

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A fence gate is simply the entrance or exit point on a fence. It enables people, vehicles, equipment, animals and other things to freely move in or out of a location. People utilize fence gates for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is to keep out unwanted animals or creatures. It can also be used to keep cattle and other livestock inside a designated area. Depending on what your useful need is for a fence gate, they can serve multiple purposes.

Various Types of Fence Gates:

1. The most common kind of fence gate is security fence gates. Initial planning and research before buying a security fence gate will help ensure that you buy the appropriate lengths and types of fencing. It should match the natural landscape of the property and ideally compliment the structures on the property. Getting initial ideas from local properties is a good practice and may generate the creative nature in your own thinking with regards to design aspects.

2. Wrought iron fence gates are popular for those who are limited in the lot size of the property. They are easy to set up and have natural materials that allow for easy modification if needed. Fence designs are constantly changing. Many of them are very fancy and create an overall impression of wealth. Other materials are designed to withstand the elements.

3. Wooden fence gates are great looking; however, it takes maintenance to keep up the wood and to prevent wood rot.

4. Vinyl fence gates are an alternative that is supposed to last a lot longer and lately some of those visual designs are on par with wood fence gates.

5. Chain link fence gates are cheap but work to keep out unwanted guests or divide a property.

Benefits of Fence Gate:

1. Security
2. Privacy
3. Convenient

Application of Fence Gate:
Fence gates are also getting more popular inside the home. Parents who want to keep their children and pets safe or from wandering into a place where they could potentially hurt themselves or get into trouble, purchase child or pet gates. The most useful childproof gates are those that can be opened with only one arm but be tall enough to keep growing kids and jumping dogs from escaping to the places that you don’t want them to get into. Expect to spend a good amount of money to purchase these, especially pool fence gates. These wrap around the entire circumference of the pool and are designed to prevent children from accidentally falling in.

How to Repair Fence Gate:

Repairing the fence gate really is easy, but it takes some serious time. So grab a helping of patience before you get started.

1. Remove the gate. Then, tackle the hinge posts. You need to replace these with new, sturdy posts in a firm setting in order to make certain your gate hangs properly. Remove the posts by breaking up the concrete underneath them with a sledge hammer, then working the post out of the ground. If the posts are simply set in the ground with no concrete, your job is much easier.

2. Widen and deepen the hole. The hole should be about 3 feet deep. Set the posts in the holes, using a level to measure the height. The gate should be able to clear the ground by at least two inches.

3. Attach the original fence to the new post. Use galvanized deck screws and ask a buddy to keep the post steady as you work. Check it with the level between each screw to make sure you have the spacing and measurements correct.

4. Level the posts. Using a mason's line, make sure the two posts are plumb, or level with each other. You might have to move the hinge posts a bit to make them line up.

5. Fill the holes around the posts. Use quick-set concrete or pack the area tightly with soil. Remember that concrete keeps the posts from shifting and makes for a sturdier gate. Let the concrete cure overnight.

6. Reattach the gate. Use new hinges and galvanized deck screws. Take your time to make sure your final measurements are correct. Replace the latch with one that suits your needs, and close the gate several times to make sure it swings properly.

Fence Gate

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Fence Gate

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