How to Build a Wire Fence with T-Posts

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Metal post and wire fences are the most common and among the least expensive options for pasture fences designed to hold livestock. Metal T-posts are easy to install, durable and low-maintenance. They also will accommodate a variety of types of wire fencing to suit your needs, whether you are building a fence to keep out deer or intending to pasture cattle or sheep.

The following are the steps of the building a wire fence:

1. Determine how many posts you will need by measuring each side of your pasture and dividing by 16. This is the normal distance between T-posts. If you prefer to set them closer together or farther apart, determine the distance between posts and divide by that number. Don't include corner posts, as you cannot use T-posts for corner posts.
2.  Mark your corners and where your gates will be located. Use short stakes or T-posts driven far enough into the ground to stand up by they but not so far that they will be difficult to take out.
3. Set wooden corner posts at each corner and at the gates to strengthen the fence, and provide bracing to pull the wire tight.
4. Step off or measure down each line with a long tape measure, and drop a post every 16 feet.